"The Man performs MAGIC. He repaired what I thought was a thoroughly trashed wheel that had some bad curb rash. AJ got back a quote within 30 min and we arranged an appointment the same day despite his busy schedule. As for the repair I can't even pick out the area affected. The job was so immaculate and clean with no signs of damage in the first place. 

I pray I never have to use his services again, but if I do I'd HIGHLY recommend him without question."

Rob T.

"I stupidly took a turn too tight and hit a curb with my brand new Honda Accord a couple days ago. I was feeling gutted and was even thinking of buying a new rim. After calling a couple places up I stumbled upon AJ Wheel Repair on Yelp and decided to give him a call. He quoted a great price AND agreed to meet me in my house all the way down in Chula Vista. Well let me tell you, this man is a magician. I don't know what he did but I couldn't even tell where the damage had been. All the reviews are accurate, if you ever need anything damage repaired in your wheels/tires, give AJ a call!"

Alfonso M.

"This dude is an amazing artist and a professional businessman. I had a curb rash and my wheel, messaged him on yelp at 11:30PM, got a response from him with an estimate at 11:45PM, and he was at my place the next day fixing the rim.
Price wise, you won't find anywhere that could beat his prices. Even better, the quality of the work is top notch. He turned my scuffed rim back to its new shine in less than 20 minutes!! Hopefully, I will never have to do this again, but if it happens, AJ would be my go to guy!

David C.

"I highly recommend his work. I had nasty wheel rash on my 22 inch Black Onyx wheels on my Tesla Model X (see sample photo). He came to my home, arrived early(yay! No waiting) and did a truly beautiful job on them.

When he was done they look amazing, just like brand new. I would challenge you to tell they had been damaged.Excellent work, reasonable price, done timely. You can't ask for more. Don't think twice - contact him."

George C.